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  • How much does an INUSpherese® treatment cost?
    Of course, we understand that the costs for comprehensive INUSpherese® therapy represent a significant investment. A complete treatment, which includes two sessions, a preparatory medical consultation and accompanying infusion concepts, usually costs between €5,400 and €5,700. This information is only intended to serve as a rough guide, as the exact costs can vary depending on your individual health condition and additional therapy options.To make it easier for you to access this innovative treatment, we offer interest-free installment payments of up to six months upon consultation. The amount of the installments can be freely determined. Please do not hesitate to contact us about this possibility; the financial hurdle should not be an obstacle to your health and well-being. As part of your therapy planning, you will receive detailed advice and a cost overview tailored to your individual health goals.
  • Is INUSpheresis® a blood wash?
    INUSpheresis® is not a conventional blood wash or plasma exchange method. It is also not dialysis, in which urinary substances are filtered out. INUSpheresis® is characterized by the targeted removal of harmful substances, while essential and healthy components of your blood remain untouched. This includes vital electrolytes, proteins, nutrients, blood cells and antibodies. The use of specially developed filters ensures that only pathogenic contamination is removed during the treatment. This makes the treatment particularly gentle and generally very well tolerated.
  • What exactly is filtered by INUSpherese®?
    INUSpheresis® was developed to remove a variety of disease-promoting substances and toxic substances from the blood. These include environmental toxins, heavy metals, allergens, metabolic products, inflammatory messengers, infection toxins and harmful proteins. Specially developed filters make it possible to specifically filter out these pollutants while preserving healthy components of the blood. INUSpherese® does not affect your vaccination protection because antibodies and immune cells that are responsible for your vaccination protection are preserved. This makes INUSpheresis® an extremely effective method for blood plasma purification and for supporting general well-being and health.
  • How many INUSpherese® treatments are necessary?
    The number of INUSpheresis® treatments required depends on your individual health status and health goals. A basic cycle of two treatments within 48 hours is recommended. For more intensive needs, such as extensive heavy metal elimination or complex clinical pictures, a third and even fourth treatment session every 6 to 7 weeks can make sense. Your personal
  • Bei welchen Diagnosen kann die INUSpherese® helfen?
    ⎯⎯• Allergies ⎯⎯• Borreliose ⎯⎯• Chronical fatigue syndrome (CFS) ⎯⎯• Chronische Hepatitis C ⎯⎯• Hashimoto ⎯⎯• Hyperlipidämie ⎯⎯• Morbus Crohn ⎯⎯• Multiple Sklerose ⎯⎯• Multiples Chemikalien Hyper- sensitivitätssyndrom (MCS) ⎯⎯• Parkinson ⎯⎯• Long-COVID-Syndrome ⎯⎯• Post-Vac-Syndrom ⎯⎯• Rheuma (chronisch-entzündlich) ⎯⎯• Toxins ⎯⎯• and many more
  • Which autoimmune diseases can INUSpheresis® help with?
    Rheumatoid arthritisRheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system attacks the joints. This leads to pain, inflammation and often joint deformation. Hashimoto thyroiditisHashimoto's thyroiditis is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system attacks the thyroid. This disrupts the thyroid's hormone production, leading to symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain and mood swings. Ulcerative colitisUlcerative colitis is an autoimmune intestinal disease in which the immune system attacks the lining of the colon. This leads to inflammation, ulcers and symptoms such as diarrhea, abdominal pain and weight loss. Crohn's diseaseCrohn's disease is another inflammatory bowel disease in which the immune system attacks parts of the digestive tract. This can lead to severe abdominal pain, diarrhea, weight loss and inflammation in various parts of the digestive tract. Multiple Sclerosis (MS)MS is an autoimmune disease of the central nervous system in which the immune system attacks the protective layer of nerve fibers known as myelin. This leads to a variety of neurological symptoms such as muscle spasms, vision problems and weakness. PolyneuropathyPolyneuropathy is a group of autoimmune diseases in which the immune system attacks the peripheral nerves. This can lead to symptoms such as numbness, tingling, muscle weakness and pain in the extremities.
  • What is an autoimmune disease?
    Autoimmune diseases result from improper functioning of the body's immune system, in which it inadvertently attacks the body's own cells and tissues instead of just fighting pathogens such as bacteria and viruses. There are many different types of autoimmune diseases.
  • Does the therapy help with long COVID?
    In a recent study, specific biomarkers were analyzed before and after therapeutic apheresis in different groups (cohorts) of Long COVID patients. Patients who reported significant improvement after two cycles experienced significant decreases in neurotransmitter autoantibodies, lipids and inflammatory markers. In addition, a 70% reduction in fibrinogen was observed. Elevated fibrinogen levels can increase the risk of blood clots and cardiovascular disease. After apheresis, clumped red blood cells (erythrocyte rouleaux) and fibrin fibers also largely disappeared. These findings are extremely significant as it is the first study to demonstrate an association between specific biomarkers and clinical symptoms in Long COVID patients. In view of these results and our previous positive experiences, we are convinced that INUSpheresis® represents a promising treatment option for people with severe long-COVID, in the sense of an individual attempt at healing. This study and other interesting publications can be found under the following Link.
  • How does INUSpheresis® work on autoimmune diseases?
    By removing harmful antibodies and other pathogenic factors from blood plasma, INUSpheresis® can help reduce inflammation, mitigate autoimmune reactions and relieve symptoms. However, the effect can be limited in time. In some cases, repeated INUSpherese® treatment may be necessary to keep the disease under control. INUSpheresis® appears to be a promising option for patients who require targeted removal of harmful substances from the bloodstream without affecting healthy blood components. However, as with all medical procedures, use should be carried out under medical supervision and tailored to the patient's individual needs. At ELLANN® the safety and well-being of our patients is our focus. A special aspect that sets us apart from many other centers is the continuous presence of Dr. Kellermann, specialist in anesthesiology and intensive care medicine.
  • What kind of therapy does ELLANN® offer?
    INUSpherese® NAD+ and other infusion therapies Heamo Laser® Environmental medical advice Access to the entire range of therapies from ELLER & KELLERMANN, such as: Acupuncture Laser therapy IHHT IHHT under stress TCM medicine Osteopathy Personal training Pain therapy Nutritional medicine according to EPD
  • Who looks after me at ELLANN®?
    Our medical team at ELLANN® consists of highly qualified and compassionate professionals who are passionate about your well-being. Each team member brings unique skills and experience to provide you with individualized, comprehensive care.
  • Where is the ELLANN® therapy center located?
    ELLANN® Health Therapy center Leipziger Platz 18, 10117 Berlin
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