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ELLANN® Health I INUSpherese®


ELLANN® Health I INUSpherese®

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INUSpheresis® is an innovative method for purifying blood plasma. 

The intelligent filter system of INUSpherese® is designed to gently remove environmental toxins, autoantibodies, immune complexes and inflammatory mediators.


The therapeutic benefits of INUSpherese® lie in its ability to support the immune system and activate the body's natural self-healing powers. It does this by effectively removing harmful substances that could otherwise stress the immune system and affect overall health.


INUSpherese® can be easily integrated into holistic medicine as it is a gentle method for blood purification. It can be used as a standalone treatment or in conjunction with other therapeutic approaches to support and strengthen the body on a holistic level.


Effectiveness and study situation

Our medical team at ELLANN® consists of highly qualified and compassionate professionals who are passionate about your well-being. Each team member brings unique skills and experience to provide you with personalized, comprehensive care.

ELLANN® Health I INUSpherese®
ELLANN® Health I INUSpherese®

During INUSpheresis®, the patient's blood is drained from the body and passed through a special filter that can efficiently remove harmful substances and pro-inflammatory proteins.


During the process, the blood is broken down into its main components so that the harmful substances can be selectively removed. The healthy blood components, including vital proteins, electrolytes and antibodies, are returned to the body. This selective process distinguishes INUSpheresis® from other blood purification procedures.


During INUSpheresis®, an osmotic effect is created that makes it possible to remove pathogens not only from the blood, but also from the connective tissue, fatty tissue, nerve tissue, the eyes and all internal organs. 

How INUSpherese® works

ELLANN® Health I INUSpherese®

Difference from therapeutic apheresis

INUSpheresis® represents a further development of therapeutic apheresis, although it is based on similar principles. Special filters with intelligent membranes and a specially designed device can also be used to specifically treat diseases for which apheresis has not previously been used. This technical adaptation offers numerous advantages, in particular more efficient filtration of harmful proteins and toxins.


With the INUSpherese®  does not occurExchange of blood plasma, as in plasmapheresis. During plasmapheresis, the exchanged plasma is replaced either with a protein solution (human albumin) or the plasma from healthy donors. 


In contrast to many other blood purification procedures, INUSpheresis® retains important proteins, electrolytes and antibodies in the blood. This ensures that the body is optimally supplied during treatment and does not lose any vital nutrients. 

INUSpheresis® differs fundamentally from dialysis, which is a proven method for removing urinary substances in patients with impaired kidney function. In contrast, INUSpheresis® is used to eliminate misdirected autoimmune antibodies, inflammatory messengers and environmental toxins, strengthen the immune system and reduce inflammatory processes.


While dialysis is primarily used for patients with kidney problems, INUSpheresis® can help a broader group of patients struggling with autoimmune diseases, chronic inflammation, environmental stresses and long-COVID.

Difference from dialysis

ELLANN® Health I INUSpherese®

What is filtered?

INUSpheresis® was developed to remove a variety of disease-promoting substances and toxic substances from the blood. This includes:

⎯⎯•  Lipids and lipoprotein-a

⎯⎯•  Pathogenic proteins

⎯⎯•  Paraproteins

⎯⎯•  Pathoproteins, haptens

⎯⎯•  Pathogenous antibodies, auto-antibodies

⎯⎯•  Tumor-associated proteins

⎯⎯•  Circulating immune complexes

⎯⎯•  Inflammatory substances (e.g. CRP, TNF-a)

⎯⎯•  Toxic substances (environmental toxins)

⎯⎯•  Heavy metals

⎯⎯•  Pesticides

⎯⎯•  Fungicides

⎯⎯•  Microplastics

Double plasma filtration and the use of intelligent filters make it possible to specifically wash out these pollutants while preserving healthy components of the blood. INUSpherese® does not affect vaccination protection because antibodies and immune cells that are responsible for vaccination protection are preserved. This makes INUSpheresis® an extremely effective method for cleaning blood plasma and supporting general well-being and health.

The "INUS TKM58" secondary filter has an immunological membrane with fine pores and a special structure that is designed to specifically eliminate pathogenic proteins and toxic substances bound to proteins. The TKM58 works by filtering according to size, shape and weight.

The secondary filter "INUS-30" is a lipid filter and is used in patients with hypercholesterolemia. In contrast to conventional filters, INUSpherese® uses finer pore filters. This makes it possible to remove up to 80% of lipids from blood plasma, which leads to improvement of microcirculation and reduction of inflammatory markers and fibrinogen.


The INUS filters are disposable filters.

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A careful diagnosis at the beginning of every treatment is like a guide for our doctors and therapists. It makes it possible to identify the causes of the symptoms and, based on this, to design an individually tailored treatment strategy. An accurate diagnosis is essential as it lays the foundation for effective therapy aimed at providing you with the best possible help and promoting your well-being.

Excerpt from the ELLANN® diagnostics offering:

⎯⎯•  Laboratory analysis

⎯⎯•  Eluate analyses

⎯⎯•  ECG

⎯⎯•  Darkfield diagnostics


Access to ELLER KELLERMANN's extensive range of diagnostics, such as:

⎯⎯•  Microbiome analysis

⎯⎯•  Ultrasound examination

⎯⎯•  X-ray diagnostics

⎯⎯•  MRI diagnostics

⎯⎯•  VNS analysis (vegetative nervous system)

⎯⎯•  Bioimpedance analysis

⎯⎯•  Spectrophotometry

Our dedicated and knowledgeable medical team is dedicated to supporting your health and helping you on your road to recovery



The areas of application of INUSpherese® should be seen as the last option (ultima ratio) within the scope of the treatment concept if conventional conventional medical or naturopathic approaches are not successful or are not known. This is particularly true when conventional treatment strategies such as pharmacotherapy or chemotherapy are associated with serious and no longer acceptable side effects.

Who is INUSpheresis® suitable for?