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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), also known as chronic fatigue syndrome, is a chronic disease with a diverse clinical picture. The main symptoms appear over a long period of time (more than 6 months) as persistent, severe exhaustion that cannot be eliminated by sleep and can be physical, mental and/or emotional.


The care situation for patients with CFS in Germany has so far been very difficult because there are no specialized centers and many doctors have little knowledge of the disease and adequate therapeutic approaches.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

Chronic Fatique Syndrome

Causes of CFS


The exact mechanism of how chronic fatigue syndrome develops has so far only been partially understood. The disease begins with an infection - usually in full health. 

Possible triggers can be:

Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) and other herpes viruses 

Dengue viruses

Coxsackie viruses



Bacteria (Legionella, Coxial)

There are a number of proven connections that suggest that CFS is an autoimmune disease in at least some patients.


Most people with chronic fatigue syndrome are highly productive until the disease occurs. As a rule, the disorder occurs suddenly and often after a stressful event. 

These risk factors include:

Immune defects


More cases in the family


Vulnerable phase with physical or psychological stress


The problem with CFS is that the symptoms that occur initially appear unspecific and are therefore not associated. They could also indicate other illnesses. What is striking, however, is that the symptoms of CFS appear suddenly.

The main symptom is onesevere fatiguefor at least six months, resulting in severe restriction of everyday activities. 

Other symptoms can include:

⎯⎯• Persistent signs of infection such as a sore throat, painful lymph nodes or a slightly elevated temperature

⎯⎯• Susceptibility to infections

⎯⎯• Joint pain

⎯⎯• Muscle pain

⎯⎯• Headache 

⎯⎯• Sleep disorders despite severe fatigue 

⎯⎯• Increase in infections 

⎯⎯• newly occurring allergies

⎯⎯• Food intolerances

⎯⎯• Disorders of the autonomic nervous system, which include dizziness, rapid heartbeat and intestinal problems


The symptoms are chronic in most patients and often lead to occupational disability.

Those who are particularly seriously ill are dependent on care.

Treatment of CFS

Because the exact cause of CFS is unknown, there is no specific treatment. Treatment therefore focuses on relieving symptoms and improving quality of life. This may include the use of pain relief medications, cognitive behavioral therapy, and rest.



INUSpherese® as a treatment option for CFS

INUSpheresis® can help alleviate the symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) by removing inflammatory substances from the body to reduce underlying inflammation. By eliminating these substances, patients have the opportunity to recover from the symptoms of CFS and improve their quality of life.


We have compiled further information about INUSpheresis® for you here. 


In onestudy from 2022, striking similarities between long COVID and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) were reported, suggesting viral and autoimmune causes. In both diseases, antibodies against certain neurotransmitter receptors play a crucial role. A similar increase in these autoantibodies was found in both patient groups examined. Washing blood with a special filter appears to be effective in reducing these antibodies and significantly improves the distressing symptoms of CFS patients. Therefore, this form of blood purification could be a promising therapeutic option for patients with long COVID and CFS, even if previously unknown antibodies and inflammatory mediators are involved.


You can find more interesting studieshere.

Study situation

rianne-zuur-jtWid6lT0Gs-unsplash (1)_edited_edited_edited_edited.png
  • ⎯⎯•  Allergies

    ⎯⎯•  Lyme disease

    ⎯⎯•  Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)

    ⎯⎯•  Chronic hepatitis C

    ⎯⎯•  Hashimoto

    ⎯⎯•  Hyperlipidemia

    ⎯⎯•  Crohn's disease

    ⎯⎯•  multiple sclerosis

    ⎯⎯•  Multiple Chemical Hyper-

                sensitivity syndrome (MCS)

    ⎯⎯•  Parkinson's

    ⎯⎯•  Post-COVID syndrome

    ⎯⎯•  Post-vac syndrome

    ⎯⎯•  Rheumatism (chronic inflammatory)

    ⎯⎯•  Heavy metal poisoning

    ⎯⎯•  and more

  • INUSpheresis® was developed to remove a variety of disease-promoting substances and toxic substances from the blood. These include environmental toxins, heavy metals, allergens, metabolic products, inflammatory messengers, infection toxins and harmful proteins. Specially developed filters make it possible to specifically filter out these pollutants while preserving healthy components of the blood. INUSpherese® does not affect your vaccination protection because antibodies and immune cells that are responsible for your vaccination protection are preserved. This makes INUSpheresis® an extremely effective method for cleaning blood plasma and supporting general well-being and health.

  • INUSpheresis® is not a conventional blood wash or plasma exchange method. It is also not dialysis, in which urinary substances are filtered out. INUSpheresis® is characterized by the targeted removal of harmful substances, while essential and healthy components of your blood remain untouched. This includes vital electrolytes, proteins, nutrients, blood cells and antibodies. The use of specially developed filters ensures that only pathogenic contamination is removed during the treatment. This makes the treatment particularly gentle and generally very well tolerated. 

  • The number of INUSpherese® treatments required depends on your individual health status and health goals. A basic cycle of two treatments within 48 hours is recommended. For more intensive needs, such as extensive heavy metal elimination or complex clinical pictures, a third and even fourth treatment session every 6 to 7 weeks can make sense. Your personal treatment plan will be drawn up by our doctors after a detailed consultation.

  • An INUSpherese® therapy, which consists of two treatments, accompanying infusion concepts and a preparatory medical consultation, is usually priced between €5,400 and €5,700. This cost information is intended to serve as a rough guide, as the exact investment can vary depending on your individual health condition and any additional therapy options. As part of the therapy planning, you will receive detailed advice and a detailed cost overview that is individually tailored to your health goals.

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