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ELLANN® Health

The founding of ELLANN® by ELLER & KELLERMANN was carried out with a clear focus on detoxification treatments.
Both institutions come together to implement a unique therapy concept based on four fundamental pillars: 





NAD+ and other infusion therapies

Heamo laser®

Environmental medicine advice


Therapy offer


Laser therapy


IHHT under stress

TCM medicine


Personal training

Pain therapy

Nutritional medicine according to EPD 

Access to the entire range of therapies ELLER & KELLERMAN, such as.:

ELLANN® Health


A careful diagnosis at the beginning of every treatment is like a guide for our doctors and therapists. It makes it possible to identify the causes of the symptoms and, based on this, to design an individually tailored treatment strategy. An accurate diagnosis is essential as it lays the foundation for effective therapy aimed at providing you with the best possible help and promoting your well-being.

Excerpt from the ELLANN® diagnostics offering:

⎯⎯•  Laboratory analysis

⎯⎯•  Eluate analyses

⎯⎯•  ECG

⎯⎯•  Darkfield diagnostics


Access to ELLER KELLERMANN's extensive range of diagnostics, such as:

⎯⎯•  Microbiome analysis

⎯⎯•  Ultrasound examination

⎯⎯•  X-ray diagnostics

⎯⎯•  MRI diagnostics

⎯⎯•  VNS analysis (vegetative nervous system)

⎯⎯•  Bioimpedance analysis

⎯⎯•  Spectrophotometry

Our dedicated and knowledgeable medical team is dedicated to supporting your health and helping you on your road to recovery

rianne-zuur-jtWid6lT0Gs-unsplash (1)_edited_edited_edited_edited.png
  • ⎯⎯•  Allergies

    ⎯⎯•  Lyme disease

    ⎯⎯•  Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)

    ⎯⎯•  Chronic hepatitis C

    ⎯⎯•  Hashimoto

    ⎯⎯•  Hyperlipidemia

    ⎯⎯•  Crohn's disease

    ⎯⎯•  multiple sclerosis

    ⎯⎯•  Multiple Chemical Hyper-

                sensitivity syndrome (MCS)

    ⎯⎯•  Parkinson's

    ⎯⎯•  Post-COVID syndrome

    ⎯⎯•  Post-vac syndrome

    ⎯⎯•  Rheumatism (chronic inflammatory)

    ⎯⎯•  Heavy metal poisoning

    ⎯⎯•  and more

  • INUSpheresis® was developed to remove a variety of disease-promoting substances and toxic substances from the blood. These include environmental toxins, heavy metals, allergens, metabolic products, inflammatory messengers, infection toxins and harmful proteins. Specially developed filters make it possible to specifically filter out these pollutants while preserving healthy components of the blood. INUSpherese® does not affect your vaccination protection because antibodies and immune cells that are responsible for your vaccination protection are preserved. This makes INUSpheresis® an extremely effective method for cleaning blood plasma and supporting general well-being and health.

  • INUSpheresis® is not a conventional blood wash or plasma exchange method. It is also not dialysis, in which urinary substances are filtered out. INUSpheresis® is characterized by the targeted removal of harmful substances, while essential and healthy components of your blood remain untouched. This includes vital electrolytes, proteins, nutrients, blood cells and antibodies. The use of specially developed filters ensures that only pathogenic contamination is removed during the treatment. This makes the treatment particularly gentle and generally very well tolerated. 

  • The number of INUSpherese® treatments required depends on your individual health status and health goals. A basic cycle of two treatments within 48 hours is recommended. For more intensive needs, such as extensive heavy metal elimination or complex clinical pictures, a third and even fourth treatment session every 6 to 7 weeks can make sense. Your personal treatment plan will be drawn up by our doctors after a detailed consultation.

  • An INUSpherese® therapy, which consists of two treatments, accompanying infusion concepts and a preparatory medical consultation, is usually priced between €5,400 and €5,700. This cost information is intended to serve as a rough guide, as the exact investment can vary depending on your individual health condition and any additional therapy options. As part of the therapy planning, you will receive detailed advice and a detailed cost overview that is individually tailored to your health goals.

Frequently asked Questions

Our focus at ELLANN® is on holistic detoxification and evidence-based complementary medicine. The INUSpheresis® we use is a treatment method that helps the body eliminate harmful proteins (such as malformed antibodies), metabolic products (such as cholesterol) and toxic substances (such as heavy metals and microplastics). Our goal is to bring the disturbed metabolism, the inflammatory processes and the immune system back into natural balance. 


We use INUSpherese® in various areas of application, including:Environmental pollution,Lipid diseases,chronic inflammation as well as afterInfectious diseases and atAutoimmune diseases

Discover our unique treatment concept for holistic health. From diagnosis and treatment to aftercare and prevention – with us you are in the best hands.

ELLANN® Health I Environmental diseases
Metabolic disorders, lipids

Environmental Pollution

Chronic diseases, chronic diseases
Autoimmune diseases, autoimmune diseases

Autoimmune Diseases

Chronical Inflammation

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